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Roman shades by the Roman Empire Victoria

Aeronaut is a market leader in the manufacture of automated cutting tables and software for the manufacture of window blinds, awnings, shades and drapes. Since 1997 we have been manufacturing highly customised machines for this market and delivering systems world-wide.

There are significant differences between Aeronaut automated cutting systems and other machines intended for window furnishings.

The difference is automation.

Elektron B2 Ultra for Window Furnishings

An Aeronaut cutter is a fully automated system. Most competitive systems are no more than a powered utility knives. With an Aeronaut automated cutter, a single worker can produce around 250 roller shade skins per day compared with the average of 80 skins made on conventional machines. And each skin made on an Aeronaut cutter is fully squared, creased, scalloped and is marked with order numbers and ring pull marks etc. In fact the highest output recorded is 1200 skins per shift every day over several weeks.

The output of Aeronaut machines is similarly impressive when working on roman blinds or shades. An Aeronaut automated cutter can produce around 80 skins per day compared with only 20 skins produced by other methods.

Roman blinds by the Roman Empire Victoria

In fact, most "competitive" systems in this market don't actually increase the daily output of the operator. They just automate one or two processes such as measuring and/or cutting. The Aeronaut systems do all this and a lot more And eliminate almost all operator errors as well. Based on the output of each style of machine, you'd imagine that these other machines would be really cheap. But they are not. In fact most cost 70% - 80% of the cost of an Aeronaut system.

The Elektron Quattro is a highly developed system used by many major blind manufacturers around the world for cutting roller and roman shades, outdoor awnings and cafe curtains. The Elektron Quattro blind maker is available in a range of sizes with options including laser alignment pointers for pattern matching and fabric feeders with integrated light boxes for fabric fault checking.

Elektron B2 Blindmaker

Aeronaut's Elektron B2 Ultra pioneered the fully automated ultrasonic cutting of screen and block-out materials. The Elektron B2 ultra can be fitted with both ultrasonic and crush cutting tools as well as a  creasing tool for working with all window furnishings where a clean, edge sealed edge is required.

Compared with single-edge cutting machines, Aeronaut's Elektron Ultra cutters offer speed improvements up more than 300% along with the other benefits of automated cutting: reduced mistakes, reduced waste, reduced operator stress and improved product quality and consistency. 

Elektron B2 Ultra machine

The Elektron B1 Ultra is a single bayonet tool-holder cutter which can take both ultrasonic and crush cut tools which is suitable where creasing is not required and manual tool changing (a 1minute process) is acceptable.

For more information on Aeronaut automated cutting systems, see the machinery section of this site. For information on software for window furnishings, see ParaSol in the software section. For a quote on an automated cutting system and software, please request a quote using the Contacts: Request for information link.