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Elektron Laser Z Neo

The Aeronaut Elektron Laser Z Neo is a compact high-performance and low-cost laser cutter intended for cutting and edge sealing lightweight textiles such as ripstop Nylon and light Dacrons. The Elektron Laser Z Neo is a heavy duty production machine capable of cutting in excess of 1 metre per second… a breakthrough in performance and price.

Elektron Laser Z Neo

The Elektron Laser Z Neo has been designed for industries such as paraglider manufacture and prototyping, kites and sail making, where high cutting speeds and edge sealing are required on light fabrics.

Since a low power laser will cut almost anything a high power laser will cut, the Elektron Laser Z Neo can just as easily be used in a sail loft for cutting cruise weight Dacron fabric as spinnaker cloth.

Yes, on heavy fabric a low-power laser does not have the cut speed of a blade cutter but laser cutting so simple and trouble free so the operator can carry on with other jobs while the laser does its work.

Since there is no contact with the fabric with a laser, cutting is fast and very reliable. Cut patterns release cleanly. Nesting margins can be less than a millimetre. The result is big cost savings in time and fabric. Laser power can be accurately controlled for marking, perforating or kiss cutting.

Laser Cut Foils

Like many things, lasers have been getting smaller, lighter and cheaper over the years. These new lasers are around half the size and weight of the old lasers and have power outputs which are perfect for working with Nylon, Dacron and many other synthetics. At full power, the laser is capable of cutting light fabric at the best production speed of the machine which makes excellent economic sense.

Aeronaut's Neo laser cutters are re-engineered designs following 15 years experience with manufacturing laser cutters.

Higher cutting speeds. Watt for watt, the Neo lasers cut faster and on light materials, much much faster.

Linear bearings are now used on the gantry of all Aeronaut lasers which enhances the fine detail work that lasers are capable of.

Improved laser power control through software. On most fabrics, you can now reliably mark the fabric without through-cutting. Perforation with dots or segmented lines is more reliable and regular.

Maintenance is lower. Most lasers now feature purge ports and the positive pressurisation of beam path components has been expanded to include the entire beam path. This means cleaner optics and less maintenance on mirrors and lenses.

Fume extraction is better. The fume shroud is larger and better vented. An axial fan can be optionally mounted on the laser to improve extraction flow.

Greater compatibility. Now, almost all lasers have a 48 power supply meaning that maintenance is easier and upgrade to a higher power laser is easier too.

The performance achieved by by the Elektron Laser Z Neo is remarkable. With 3/4 oz spinnaker Nylon, cut speeds of over 1000 mms/second have been reliably achieved

Which ever way you look at it, if most of the fabric you need to cut is lightweight, then heavy old-style laser cutters are not an economical solution. But the Aeronaut Elektron Laser Z Neo is.

In fact it can be shown that for the same or less cost than a high power laser cutter setup, you can buy a both rotary blade cutter AND a low power laser and cut heavy materials quickly and efficiently with a blade and cut the light materials with a laser. Where edge sealing of heavy materials is required, they can be economically and effectively edge sealed by sliding the panels past a heated element on a table.

The Elektron Laser Z Neo can be supplied with air or water cooled lasers and is fitted with a marker pen holder and efficient fume extraction. The metal sealed laser has a very low running cost with over 45,000 hours before re-gassing.

The Elektron Laser Z Neo is an industrial revolution. Small size, clean design, rational engineering, the best price-performance ratio. And the best price tag in the industry. There's a demo video on the video page of this site.