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Truck Side Curtains

The Aeronaut Side Curtain plug-in tool for Vectorworks allows the rapid design of patterns for truck side curtains by people with no real CAD experience.

Flexible enough to cover almost all common types of truck curtains, Aeronaut's truck Side Curtain plug-in can give you a complete set of curtain patterns ready for cutting in less than a minute.

The Aeronaut Side Curtains plug-in runs inside Vectorworks. Complete cutting patterns for side curtains can be created by entering dimensions and clicking a few buttons to select design options. If a design needs more extensive customising, you can use the standard Vectorworks CAD tools... And of course you can use Vectorworks to design patterns for all your other 2D and 3D work.

Starting with a group of basic design options, the user is guided through steps which define the shape of a truck curtain. The pro- gram uses default dimensions set by you, so many patterns can be completed in just a few clicks.

The top and bottom camber of a curtain can be independently changed to suit the job, and wear strips created in the same draw- ing. Webbing or pocket positions can be added automatically or one by one. In both cases, you can individually edit the positions and heights of pockets and eyelets. As the main dimensions are entered, the base drawing is updated on screen and the section you are working on is highlighted, so it is easy to see where you are working and check for errors as you go.

The Side Curtains plug-in can be customised so it works the way you want. Default values can be programmed, so when you begin to design a curtain, it’s close to the correct size and has the correct options right away. Special features and options can be easily added to suit your market.

The Aeronaut Side Curtains plug-in tool gives you the power of a customised piece of software for a fraction of the cost of something programmed from the ground up. The Aeronaut Side Curtains plug-in, Tangent and an Elektron automated cutter can reduce a two man-hour job on hands and knees down to a six minute, one man operation, zero faults with economical waste management.