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Tracing with SiliconEye

High speed automatic tracing and digitising with SiliconEye.

Using Aeronaut's SiliconEye technology, you can rapidly and efficiently photograph of whatever is on the cutting table and import the image into the background of a nesting queue ready for tracing. If you've already used some of the lame auto-tracing solutions out there, SiliconEye will be a pleasant surprise because it really works. SiliconEye's tracing engine is optimised for creating patterns, ready to cut in the shortest possible time. 

The imported image is scaled and undistorted by SiliconEye so it can be immediately and accurately traced to digitise patterns.

The SiliconEye camera is a high resolution DSLR camera mounted over the cutting table. It's controlled from within Aeronaut's Tangent nesting software. Capturing an image, importing, rescaling and un-distorting takes only a few seconds.

Tracing an image is instantaneous. SiliconEye recognises basic shapes and will interactively or automatically recognise basic shapes like circles, ovals, rectangles and locii and complex entities can be traced as polygons or polylines.

Since tracing is an interactive operation, the operator can quickly evaluate traced shapes, smooth profiles and ignore unnecessary elements in the captured image.

 Tracing with SiliconEye is fast, accurate and easy. Patterns can be cut directly off traced images or exported for editing in CAD software.  Most importantly, SiliconEye is profitable. SiliconEye costs far less than a digitising tablet and is much, much faster. From placing a pattern on the table to cutting it out can be done in a matter of a few minutes.